Smart elevator


Smart elevator project was initiated by the TalTech as a part of smart city concept development. Smart elevator is one of the logical part to have all smart city elements available at our TalTech campus. Additionally it covers several aspects that is addressed by the elevator operators. The goal is provide new level of experience for a first time visitor, for example to guide visitor to the right person. Another issue with skyscrapers is long waiting time, even with multiple elevators or elevator groups. It is also more and more widely addressed that disabled people need socially more guidance and help. Smart elevator could help to assist people over voice commands or even by facial recognition.

  • Funding source(s): Taltech
  • Total project cost: 100,000 EUR
  • Start and end dates: 01.2019 – 03.2020
  • Project manager: Mairo Leier


Implementation of research outcomes

System architecture and all functionalities are developed in collaboration with Dep. of Computer Engineering, Dep. of Software Science and Dep. of Electronics at TalTech. Architecture has developed so that it could be integrated as a dedicated independent installation for each elevator or one central processing server for elevator groups. Big effort is put also into cyber security and therefore a dedicated person is working with wide range of security tests and analysis.

Main functionalities developed:

  • Destination floor prediction based on the facial recognition
    • Elevator learns over time each visitor elevator usage profile and proposes destination floor automatically. Visitor detection is based on facial recognition.
    • Visitors are tracked with special developed tracking algorithm that combines four depth cameras and RGB camera and in combination of these detects entering and leaving from the elevator of every single person.
  • Voice activated command in two languages
    • Elevator can be guided over voice commands; confirmation is sent back with synthesized speech to the visitor. It is possible to ask also about the current outside temperature, time and weather forecast.
  • Guide visitor to the right floor based said on person name.
    • Elevator knows work location of all employees as it is connected to the local company employee database. It could also be used as a access system to limit access to certain floors.
  • Automatic apporaching visitor detection to shorten waiting time
    • Floor sensors installed next to the elevator doors detect approaching visitor.

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