Our team is focusing on embedded machine learning that includes also embedded system design and optimization methodologies. Our team has 

  • Two post-docs covering different topics in embedded systems and embedded machine learning
  • Two PhD candidates focusing on optimization techniques and compression
  • Two engineers taking care of prototyping and all kind of development
  • Several student members who cover all background areas from hardware design up to software testing.

Depending on the needs we always collaborate with different departments and involve senior researchers with deep knowledge in particular area.

How do we work

Before you start working with us, it is good to know our style of working.

  1. For every project we sit down with you and write down a project goal and expectations. Based on that we will come back to you with the initial project plan.
  2. We will do initial technological research to point out possible gaps and alternative solutions. You will get initial architecture, sketch or description of the possible outcome.
  3. We will develop initial prototype to demonstrate how our proposed solution would work. That would be either physical prototype, method or piece of software.
  4. After you have better understanding we will tune the proposed solution with slightly more detailed expectations and prove its functionality, accuracy or other relevant aspects.