Smart workwear

Ragnarok Workwear 2.0 is a truly smart suit for workers and supervisors exposed to high-risk working environments. The prototype has been developed in cooperation with Protex Balti ASEstonian ICT Cluster and Smart Electronics Cluster ESTRONICS companies and Tallinn University of Technology. It has been developed in close collaboration with the aquaculture industry of Norway.

  • Funding source(s): EAS
  • Total project cost: 45,500 EUR
  • Start and end dates: 03.2017 – 10.2017
  • Project manager: Ivo Fridolin

System architecture

Ragnarok 2.0 smart workwear solution has two main parts. One part of the solution is integrated into the work wear and another part is a server side solution. Workwear integrated solution can be divided into three main sub-parts.

  1. Wearable device, that is integrated into the workwear, marked with yellow background on below figure. It is a customized electronics board with different sensors in the waterproof enclosure. Its software functionality enables fall detection, activity recognition, body and ambient temperature measurement and device status information. Data from the device is sent to the backend server is sent through the mobile device that acts as a gateway.
  2. Mobile device, currently Android smartphone, is marked with blue background on the below figure. Android application is developed to communicate with the wearable device over Bluetooth. Software enables to receive data from the wearable device, allows user to activate automatic speech to text recognition. For speech to text recognition smartphone has to have handsfree connected.
  3. Emergency light is the third part of the system, marked with red background. It is not connected anyhow with the system but is physically connected to the workwear. It activates automatically after worker falls into the water and remains active until disabled manually.



Main functionalities:

  • Fall detection
    Each Ragnarok suit can sense when the user fall or slips and can notify team members or supervisors, adding another security layer of early notification.
  • Monitor vital signs
    Get real-time vital information on ambient temperatures.
  • Activity monitoring
    Supervisors and users will have real-time feedback on the type and intensity of physical activity.
  • GPS positioning and tracking
    Supervisors can get up-to-date information on the location of each person at any moment.
  • Safety light
    Useful function for improved visibility and safety.
  • Speech to text notes
    Easy note-taking in challenging working conditions where it’s not possible or difficult to use a computer. Ragnarok 2.0 can record speech and save it as voice clips or text.