Intelligent Smart City and Critical Infrascturcture Protection Technologies ISC2PT


  • Funding source(s): EAS
  • Total project cost: 1.095 MEUR
  • Start and end dates: 06.2020 – 03.2022
  • Project manager: Jaanus Kaugerand


The goal of the project is to develop technologies for sensor solutions for Smart City and Intelligent Infrastructure Protection sensors. Primary objectives of the research carried out by TalTech is to develop cost-effective sensor technologies that make use of novel data processing methods, which can be integrated into the ProWare service-based application layer, making such solutions cost effective. The objective is to create monitoring solution components, which make use of Internet of Things technologies, which is one of the factors enabling large scale and cost-effective deployments. ISC2PT reduces the total cost of ownership by lowering the costs of deployment, maintenance, and communications. Multiple, complimentary sensors will be deployed for data collection and initial algorithm validation in labs and urban areas.

Our group responsibilities:

  • Advanced traffic sensors capable of counting pedestrians as well as vehicles and their speeds