Fish mortality at hydropower plants

In order to analyze the survival possibilities of fishes in dams and hydroelectric turbines through swimming, we built in cooperation with the TalTech Biorobotics Center “fish surrogates” that contain different sensors. The device housing is made of a strong poly-carbonate, and the mechanical design of the entire device allows it to withstand turbine hits. The electronics are equipped with three precision pressure sensors, which also measure the temperature, and an inertial sensor that stores the impact on the device. The device automatically calibrates itself after each switching on and is reusable.

  • Start and end dates: 07.2017 – 11.2018
  • Project manager: Jeffrey Tuhtan

Fish undergo extreme conditions:

  • Pressure changes of 30m water in less than 1 sec
  • Blade strike >10G acceleration
  • Flow velocities of 10-20m/s near blade

Barotrauma Detection System (BDS):

  • Span: +/- 5 bar (~50m of water level)
  • Recording rate: configurable 100Hz/ 250Hz (4096/1024 samples/recorded value)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Triple modular redundance
  • Auto-leveling to atmospheric pressure
  • Length/diameter: 9.5cm/4cm
  • Housing materials: Polycarbonate (tube) / Polyoxymethylen (end caps)