Radar based collision avoidance solution for electric scooter


  • Funding source(s): Bolt Mobility
  • Start and end dates: 04.2019 – 11.2019
  • Project manager: Mairo Leier


Use of radar technology on electric scooters to prevent possible collisions with cars and people. The solution can automatically take off the wheel momentum when it detects something in front of it. TalTech introduces a radar-based control system for electric bicycles and scooters, making them safer in traffic. “The purpose of the control system is to detect objects on the road and automatically change the wheel speed to avoid overtaking. The solution being developed is unique and specially configured for use on light vehicles. It is tens of times cheaper than car-like radar systems costing thousands of euros. “The solution will make it safer for all of us on the streets in the future. The first solution will be tested this summer on the streets of Tallinn in cooperation with the Bolt Mobility electric scooter.